There is pride in riding, and there is pride in riding to win! Do you have what it takes to be a RAAM qualified rider? Or are you looking to step up the challenges you set for yourself? Ride to win in one of the ULTRA BOB categories. Each has its own set of challenges, and the time limit, we can assure you, will challenge every bit of the cyclist in you!

Ultra BOB is the most toughest, steepest, and the first Ultra Cycling race in India. It appeals to a rider in every which way with the fabled Kalhatty climb, a steep climb that a rider seeks to conquer after having pedaled on for 230kms from Bangalore to the foothills of Ooty through the Bandipur and Madhumalai forest.

The route, which weaves through Nilgiris and Bandipur forest, takes you through plains, villages, and dusty towns before a challenging climb that takes your breath away literally and figuratively. Bangalore Ooty highway is dotted with villages and towns that remind one of sleepy hallows that never meander beyond the limits of comfort. Yet they offer a glimpse of rush and hustle of commerce, unlike the vision of sleepy towns, from time to time. Beyond these is a picturesque road that takes you into the beautiful Bandipur forest and then on to the hilly climbs of Ooty. There is no shortage of challenge or excitement on this ride, with time and support stations providing relief as needed.

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