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  1. What is a RAAM qualifier? – The RAAM qualifier is an Ultra Cycling race, where in a solo rider is required to cover a distance set by the event organizer in a specified amount of time. In the case of ULTRA BOB, a solo rider needs to cover a distance of 610Kms in 30 hours for men and 32 hours for women
  2. What does it mean to be RAAM qualified? – A RAAM qualified rider is eligible to apply for the actual race, RAAM – Race Across America, a 4828 Km race, which needs to be completed in the time allotted for the category one applies for, such as solo (men and women), teams, and Race Across the West.
  3. Are the RAAM qualifiers organized in India sanctioned by the RAAM authorities? – Yes, every RAAM qualifier in India has to be reviewed and granted the RAAM qualifying status by the RAAM organizing committee in the US
  4. Will the RAAM qualifier organizer sponsor a qualified rider for RAAM? – No, RAAM qualifier organizers do not sponsor a qualified rider for RAAM. However, if the organizer has the means and is in the inclined to sponsor a RAAM qualified rider, he/she/they may choose to do, as per their objectives.
  5. Why do I have to pay the specified fee when Brevets are much cheaper? – A Brevet is a self supported ride and not a race. An Ultra Cycling race is supported, timed, managed, and a finisher receives medal and certificate at no extra cost, along with a race jersey.
  6. Do we need crew vehicles for the non-RAAM Ultra BOB categories? – Yes, owing to the nature of the race. There will no marshal in the crew vehicle for non-RAAM categories.
  7. Are crew vehicles mandatory for Ultra BCB – No, there will be aid-stations along the route that will provide basic nutrition to a rider. But having a crew vehicle will allow the rider to ride through and save time.
  8. Ultra cycling races are a test of endurance and speed, and prepare a rider for a racing format unlike Brevets which require a rider to complete the distance in an extended and relaxed time frame.
  9. What is the support that is provided to the rider? – There will be marshal on the route to monitor riders and the race and volunteer medical support. RAAM qualifier category riders and riders in the 610 category distance are expected to have crew support vehicles, mandatorily
  10. What are crew vehicles? – RAAM qualifying riders and riders in the 610Kms category must have accompanying vehicles with crew members to support their race. A minimum of 2 crew members is mandatory in addition to the driver.
  11. How will the RAAM qualifying riders be monitored? – Along with crew members accompanying the rider, one of the organizer’s marshal will travel in the rider’s crew vehicle to monitor and time the rider, along with enforcement of rules and regulations as per the rules that are mandated for RAAM categories.
  12. Do we have to pay for crew members? – No, we do not charge for your accompanying crew members. You are though expected to be self sufficient in terms of their hydration, food and other necessities. We provide water and food only for the riders.
  13. What are team categories? – Riders can team up to ride by sharing the distance of the specified category in teams of 2 or 4 riders. There is no restriction on the distance of the total distance each rider can ride in the team categories. There must always be one rider riding in the team categories, and more than one rider can ride at the same time, as per the team’s strategy.
  14. Do shorter distances qualify as RAAM qualifiers? – No, the minimum distance required for a RAAM qualifier is 600kms, and elevation, and difficulty of the race will be taken in to account before setting the time limit for the qualifier at the race organizers discretion while following the RAAM qualifier guideline.
  15. Is there prize money or prizes for the top finishers of the race? – Prize money and prizes will be announced as and when sponsors are generous enough to provide the same.
  16. Do we have to pay for photographs of the event? – No, all pictures are uploaded to our website and posted on our social media page (Globeracers), post the event. You can download directly online.
  17. What if I am disqualified and need to appeal? – When a rider is disqualified, he/she can apply for a review by submitting a letter and any accompanying documents to
  18. Where is the start and finish point? – Bums on the Saddle (BOTS),#67-11, 8th B Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011, Phone:080 4114 3064