Rules and guidelines:

Ultra BOB is a timed race. Rules are to be followed and guidelines used to maintain integrity and safety of riders, crew, volunteers and the general public who may be inconvenienced by slow moving vehicles.

Race rules and directions are a guideline to all racers, crewmembers and volunteers to ensure a fair and honest race, which protects the integrity and sanctity of the race and all racers. Individuals willfully ignoring rules and not heading the warnings will be disqualified and not allowed to continue with the race. Rules are simple and in general engaged to meet Indian road conditions and safety requirements.

General Race rules:

  1. Every solo and team must have crew/support team without fail. Minimum crew size is 2.
  2. No drafting of vehicles, non-motorized vehicles or other riders is allowed
  3. Riders are not allowed to travel in vehicles and must ride the entire route.
  4. Riders must wear reflective vest from 5.30pm to 6.30am during the race
  5. Front light, tail light and helmets are a must
  6. Aerobars are allowed
  7. Change of cycles is allowed.
  8. Minimum age of participant: 18 years.
  9. Have your rider-book singed by one of the volunteers at the time stations. (Ensure your crewmembers are aware of this if you assign the duty to them.)

Rider disqualification criteria:

  1. Racer advancing along the Race Route without a bike or in any vehicle with the intent of not riding a section of the Race Route, unless otherwise permitted by the race director under unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Improperly registered, licensed or insured Support Vehicles and/or improperly licensed Support Vehicle operators.
  3. Illegal drafting of any Vehicle./non-motorized vehicle/other riders.
  4. Holding onto another Vehicle (motorized or non-motorized) to aid or augment forward travel. Refusing to take a sleep (off bike) break, as requested by a Race Official.
  5. Behavior on the part of Racers or Crew that is deemed inappropriate and that might cause safety, legal or reputation problems for The Race or other Racers and their Crew.
  6. Willfully altering roads signs to misdirect other Racers or for any other reason.

Race guidelines:

  1. If you rest at the time-station, volunteers might not be able to assist you if the time-station closes. Ensure you and your crew are fully equipped to protect yourself from rain and eventualities.
  2. Carry a first-aid kit and back up spares and parts.
  3. Carry on you your blood group type and your crews’ as well
  4. Ensure you and your crew have phone numbers of all marshalls and volunteers.

 Crew Vehicles: Violations and penalties.

  1. Should always display rider information and crew vehicle stickers – Time penalty 10 minutes per warning.
  2. Hazard lights on at all times while on road and parked on the roadside – Time penalty 10 minutes per warming.
  3. Should follow the rider and not drive in front of or parallel to the rider. – Time penalty 20 minutes per warning.
  4. Can drive along the rider no more than 4 times in one hour to handover food and drinks. Caution needs to be exercised so as to not block oncoming traffic nor cross the median.

 Guidelines and Instructions to crew:

  1. Please do not violate traffic rules unless the traffic police give you permission to follow your rider while the traffic light is red.
  2. Do not block traffic at any junction or on the highway. Park on the shoulder and clear of the traffic.
  3. Keep your hazard lights on always, and your headlights on during the night and early mornings.
  4. If your rider is sleeping or taking a short break, please find an area on the highway/road, which has ample shoulder, and break area.
  5. Notify the race director if your rider is breaking for longer than 30minutes so as to ensure safety of riders and the crew.
  6. Notify your location every 3 hours by calling the marshalls or volunteers assigned to the job. You will find this information in the rider-book given to your during orientation the day before the race.
  7. Minimum age for crew: 18 years
  8. Crew leader should ensure that adequate sleep time is assigned to all the crewmembers to avoid exhaustion and accidents.
  9. If your notice that your rider is falling asleep and refuses to sleep, please notify a marshall or the race director to ensure safety of the rider.

 Refund Policy:

Registration fee is non-refundable, but is eligible for one year roll-over. Should the race be cancelled by the organizers  you are entitled to 90% of the race fee refund.