Registration closes Jan 31, 2018.

There is pride in riding, and there is pride in riding to win! Do you have what it takes to be a RAAM qualified rider? Or are you looking to step up the challenges you set for yourself? Ride to win in one of the ULTRA BOB categories. Each has its own set of challenges and time limits to challenge every bit of the cyclist in you!

Ultra BOB is the toughest, steepest, and the first Ultra Cycling race in India. It challenges the riders with the fabled Kalhatty climb, a steep uphill ride that awaits the rider after pedaling for 230 kms from Bangalore to the foothills of Ooty. The route goes through the plains, quaint villages and dusty towns dotting the Bangalore Ooty highway, weaving through the picturesque road through the Bandipur and Madhumalai forest and onto the hills of Ooty before the hard climb up to Kalhatty takes their breath away quite literally. There is no dearth of challenges or excitement on this ride, with time and support stations providing relief as needed.

RACE has both Ultra BOB (610Kms) and Ultra BCB categories (325Kms)

RAAM Qualifying category:

  • Distance: 610 kms – Solo only.
  • Route: Bangalore-Ooty-Bangalore, climbing the Kalahatti and returning via Gudulur.
  • Date: Feb 23-25, 2018 with two start times, 9pm and 10pm.
  • Qualifying times: 30 for men and 32 hours for women, 35 hours for UMCA Championship.

All categories:

  • Ultra BOB
  • Ultra BOB for RAAM
  • Ultra BOB 2 Member Team
  • Ultra BOB 4 Member Team
  • Ultra BCB
Category Route Fee(Rs.) Fee ($) Time limit
610 Kms Banglore – Ooty – Bangalore 8000 125 RAAM qualifier – 30 Hrs (Men)/32 Hrs (Women)
610 Kms Bangaore – Ooty – Bangalore 7000 125 35 Hours – Non RAAM Category
610 kms Bangalore – Ooty – Bangalore 12000 185 Two-member team/26 hours
610 Kms Bangalore – Ooty – Bangalore 24000 350 Four-member team/24 hours
325 Kms Bangalore – Chamundi – Bangalore 5000 75 Solo/15 hours


Race dates:

Category Route Time limit Date and Time
610 Kms Bangalore – Ooty – Bangalore 30 Hrs Men /32 Hrs Women  – RAAM qualifier
  • Feb 23: 10pm – Feb 25: 4am Men
  • Feb 23: 10pm – Feb 25: 6am Women
 325 Kms Bangalore – Chamundi- Bangalore  15 Hrs
  •  Feb 24: 5am – Feb 24: 8pm


Important dates:

  • Crew vehicle inspection: Feb 23, 2018, 10am – 1pm
  • Pre-race briefing, BIB pickup: Feb 22, 2018, 5pm – 7pm
  • Location: BumsonTheSaddle, Specialized India Store, #135, Infantry Road (Opposite the Hindu) Bangalore – 560 001, Contact: +91 80 4150 5583 (To be confirmed)

What’s included in the fee?

  1. Jersey
  2. Digital certificate
  3. Medal/trophy
  4. Marshals on the route
  5. Marshal in the vehicle for RAAM qualifying category
  6. Medical support
  7. Photography.

Prize money:

Prizes subject to sponsors’ commitment – TBA

General race rules and guidelines:

  • Racers must all be 18 years or older to qualify to race.
  • Riders are responsible for their crew and vehicles, and all RAAM category participants have to be accompanied by a minimum of two crew members in a four-wheeler vehicle.
  • Race rules and guidelines are as per RAAM qualification criteria and need to followed by all participants, their crew and accompanying marshals.
  • Crew vehicles must pass inspection as per the RAAM qualification criteria. Please refer to the rules/guidelines page to familiarize with the rules in preparation for the race.
  • Racers not opting for RAAM qualification must still have crew support vehicles.
  • No race will be allowed to pace or follow another racer.

Ultra BOB Forms and Race Docket:

To prepare for the race ahead of time, to know complete rules and regulations, please go to: Forms and Resources

For general race related questions, please refer to FAQ